Creatives vs Google-ites Round 2

[transferred from  july 2011]

update:06 Apr. Uncorrected transcript of meeting now out. See “The lion & the lamb shall lie down together” for excerpts and further comments. Yes, I know it’s a wierd title but there is a Handel to it.. Maybe for the “creatives”  Google is not the New-Evil after all. 

Caught up with  Jeremy Hunt  on parliamentary TV appearing before the HOC select committee for Culture Media & Sport (CMS) on March 30th.    about changes in responsibilities of the CMS.

Interesting questions to him about the Hargreaves review from Louise Bagshawe MP. 7:00-11:20 mins. BIS started Hargreaves but CMS &  Hunt are  now very much involved- he’ll want to see report before publication. .  Implementation of report will be joint CMS/BIS responsibility but CMS will take lead on aspects that affect digital economy. I would guess he’s thinking copyright for CMS  (the rest patents etc. for BIS).  Bagshawe said that creative sector was very concerned that they had no rep on Hargreaves panel -saw it as an all “open rights” panel- they felt that Hargreaves was cold shouldering creative sector, gave examples.  Hunt didn’t seem to disagree.  Got the feeling I was watching two suave politicians “understanding” each other very well. Doing a little act for us all.

This lead me onto digging around CMS select committee site. Seems they are running their own inquiry into “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Online”  set up at same time as Hargreaves. Latest deadline for submissions now May 6th. Terms of reference  closely match Hargreaves viz. copyright . Even mentions “fair-use”.  Till now hadn’t heard of this enquiry. I’d bet Bagshawe is leading within the committee on this one and she seems very pro-creatives and the need for strong IP protection for them. The BPI line. Therefore, no fair-use, if CMS have got anything to do with it- and Hunt was very clear, now they have. 

Problem there is they have to offer Dynamic Dave some wiggle room to save face after he got the hots for Google and the Shoreditch websluts and instigated the Hargreaves review. No. 10 could try to spin format shifting for the masses (cd to mp3, which,apparently, even the BPI aren’t holding out against) as “fair-use”.  Don’t know whether that will be enough- after all the reaction of most people will be: So What,  Prime Minister- you mean it was illegal- well I never.   I’d love to be a fly on the wall as various men in grey work out how to sex up the Hargreaves report to make it look as though Cameron has partially got his way.

  Links are in twitter posts below.

scibella pete carroll CMS cttee inquiry Protection of Intellectual Property Rights Online  . How will this fit with Hargreaves #IPreview?10 hours ago  

scibella pete carroll Hargreaves #ipreview “openrights” bias? @louisebagshawe questions to @Jeremy_Hunt CMS cttee 30Mar 7:00-11:20.
Note: webslut  In this context
someone who will do anything for their internet… a real techie.
god, alex, your such a webslut… quit begging me for links to any new flash animations i’ve found in every email  urban dictionary.
“Shoreditch websluts”…. I must give credit to Andrew Orlowski at the Register  ..
update:update: well no,  Andrew Orlowski says it’s Kelly  Fiveash of the Register who first came up with it. 
Basta cosi.. Think I’m handing this one over to the OED.
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