Sssh..It’s secret. CBI submission to Hargreaves IP review.

[transferred from  july 2011]

Just been skim reading the CBI submission to the Hargreaves IP review- published on the IPO web site.  Yes, I know, get a life.  I was going to do some analysis on their “if aint broke don’t fix it ” approach perhaps even a quote or two . But then I read the copyright statement at the end of their submission.

“© Copyright CBI 2011 The content may not be copied, distributed, reported or dealt with in whole or in part without prior consent of the CBI.”

Reported, dealt with in whole or part.  Strewth guv  no fair dealing  for review or criticism, reporting of current events. Presumably I have even  infringed their copyright in “reporting ” their copyright statement without prior consent.. Ooops there I go again “without prior consent”  another possible infringement as this seems to represent the essence of their intellectual creation.   So I’ll have to give you my quote CBI ssshhh…style

“The IP framework in the UK is fit for purpose and has supported investment and growth across a wide range of industries”

Bugger, the redaction tool is broken again.  OK guv I’ll come quietly -it’s a fair cop.

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