Irish Copyright Review 2011 – submission

current link to published version (at 27/05/2012)

update: (27-05-12) Professor Lionel Bently’s submission to the Hargreaves Review (cited at the end of this submission) was finally published by IPO and is also submitted to Irish Copyright Review as

Copyright..IKEA not Chippendale. CC-BY as default?

Most publication on the web is “ephemera” not intended to last but do a job- passing on information and opinion etc. via blog, tweet, website etc. To return to the furniture analogy – it’s Ikea not Chippendale. A primary purpose of this ephemera is self publicity for individuals and organisations- this is is what I/we think- this is what I/we do. It’s aim is to spread as widely as possible- to do its job and be gone, not to be a creative monument. The creator seeks the moral right to always be attributed as the creator but not the economic rights granted by monopolistic control of reproduction, making available, distribution, rental and lending, and adaptation rights…….

….Taking this approach, the default for cultural production would be an assumed granting of something akin to a creative commons CC-BY license, exertion of the moral right of attribution, but foregoing control of further rights. Those who wished for further control over their copyrights, for economic or other reasons, would have to register that wish……

full submission.. Irish Review   (word .doc file 66KB)

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