BIS Select Committee on Open Access: submission


BIS Select Committee report published September 2013

Written Evidence  to BIS Select Committee on Open Access


Summary of submission:
The Government’s acceptance of the recommendations of the Finch Group Report ‘Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: how to expand access to research publications’, including its preference for the ‘gold’ over the ‘green’ open access model;

Green OA via deposit in repositories provides limited open access to full text papers. Sampling of the University of Southampton repository shows about 20% OA availability (Table 1). Stronger mandates for deposit raise deposition rates but the OA availability of full text papers remains below 50% (Table 2: University of Liege). Mandated green OA can be effective for dissemination of information between researchers in a discipline(“pull model”) but does not address wider dissemination across disciplines and to the public (“push model”).

Rights of use and re-use in relation to open access research publications, including the implications of Creative Commons ‘CC-BY’ licences;

For the widest and fastest dissemination of research information, commercial re-use and transformation must be allowed. The RCUK approach of applying OGL licences “upstream” to information in grants databases and CC-BY licences “downstream” to research outcomes in published papers is to be applauded. There is an anomaly in between- the research outcomes published as “translate and engage” information on the departmental research pages of university websites remain, in effect, all copyrights reserved. For this publicly funded information no commercial re-use is possible without express permission.

……Full submission

BIS open access   (Word 2003 .doc file 56KB)

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