My name is Pete Carroll and I am a retired IT manager living in Italy. Since 2008 when Sterling went tits up against the Euro I’ve been looking into setting up a web publishing business that involves a transformative re-use of the information contained in the expired job adverts for scientific research posts. Most job ads are nothing more than buzzword clouds.. dynamic, forward looking, opportunity, and so on. Adverts for scientific research posts are rather different, they usually contain specific information about the work on project X that Professor Y at University Z wants a grunt postdoc  to do for him. You can extract from them a picture of what current research is going on in the UK .  However, although they may be as expired as dead parrots, they still have copyrights extending 70 years out.  Which means that, as UK copyright law presently stands, I have no defence for text mining or quoting from them. I have to get  permission from each university (all 120 of them) – not easy, a non-reply counts as a veto on use. This is, obviously, a big problem for me (and my other employee, Lucas the dog).  Thus my interest in IP reform. Another area I keep an eye on is open access.

Pete Carroll  October 2013

email: ipgnosis.uk@gmail.com


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